Memorial Day Weekend Recap

How was your long weekend? I experienced a mixture of emotions, but overall it was wonderful and totally not long enough. Turns out, I can be a bit of a procrastinator… meaning on Saturday in preparation for our BBQ on Sunday, I found myself overwhelmed with errands and a long to-do list. To my credit, I have never thrown a BBQ, so I had a lot to learn, but honestly, I know better!!! So to say I was stressed is an understatement, and poor Brian had to deal with me. Though Saturday hit me like a brick wall, I don’t regret any of it, and I am lucky to have Brian who was a huge help. I learned a lot about planning, planning better and oh yeah, planning, but the party was a complete success and so much fun. People seemed to relax, eat too much, drink plenty and basically be merry. What more could I ask for? Here are some outtakes from our weekend:

Lemon Drop Love BBQ{my snuggle bug}

Lemon Drop Love BBQ{Logan being festive}

Lemon Drop Love BBQ{relaxing, soaking up the sun with my favorite little girl on my lap}

{After a minor meltdown, Brian surprised me with dark chocolate covered pretzels that were bigger than my hand, and so good!}

Lemon Drop Love BBQ{finally made it to the nail salon and got a mani/pedi from Marie Nails}

p.s. If you read this post, as a follow up  to the margarita pops, they worked, but they weren’t up to my standards. They were very tasty and spot on as far as a yummy, frozen-margaritas-on-a-stick goes, but they lacked in consistency. They melted and started to fall apart pretty quickly. I think I tried to over simplify it. I will try, try again!!


  1. michelle tippets says

    fun stuff

    1. Indian says

      You’ve really helped me untdesrand the issues. Thanks.

    2. Can I just point out that sadly, the picture isn’t me in the bath! Thanks so much for your answer on this..gutted to know my plan of vitamin bath bombs is now a non-starter!

    3. Does a defense attorney have to file an appearance in a landlord-tenant case and pay an appearance fee? I have filed an eviction and the deadbeat tenant got a lawyer, and she stood in for her to ask for a jury trial. Now I find that she never filed an appearance as her attorney. Thanks

    4. Just checking in to let you all know that I have three poems accepted in upcoming online journals: two in Lucid Rhythms, and another, “Careful in the Fog” (originally titled “Let’s Be Careful in the Fog”), which I wrote for this April’s PAD, will be in the next issue of Tilt-a-Whirl, a journal for repeating poetic forms.

    5. Bof pas terrible comme changement tout compte fait..surtout que Stan vient de remporter le challenger de Lugano, je gagne au moins 100 pts dans ce deal.

    6. Dear Bill and Cindy,Glad to get updates on your time with your daughter. She looks so beautiful and I am so thankful for this blog. Very comforting to know that you all are doing fine. Keeping you, this process and kids on the homefront in our prayers. I love you and can't wait to read more later. Until then…….God Bless!

    7. Arturze, byłoby miło, gdyby Pan komentował wyłącznie teksty,a nie komentatorów tekstów.Jak Pan myśli, jak to świadczy o Panu i gdzie faktycznie mamy tu do czynienia z tandeciarstwem?

  2. nancy says

    Looks like a fun time!! Wish I was there!



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