Mini Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Pops


My wedding day is almost two months to-the-day away. I can’t even believe it. I’m watching what I eat and exercising, but I still get a sweet tooth. Instead of noshing on a chocolate bar or a bowl of ice cream, or my fave…frozen yogurt, these have proven to be incredibly satisfying!

The best part, they are super simple to make. All you need are frozen blueberries, greek yogurt (I had vanilla in my fridge), and wood skewers. I didn’t have wooden skewers on hand, so I used our martini picks and we liked how bite-sized they turned out. I am a sucker for sprinkles, so they got added as well, but you can top them with whatever you like, or nothing at all. Then pop them in the freezer and they are ready in about 2 hours! Easy, done and done. After making them, I discovered some tips that might make the process easier.



Step one: Grab blueberries and let them sit for about two minutes. Then gently press them onto your skewer. Stack them with as many as you desire.

Tip: Only let them rest for a short time. About two minutes worked for me. You don’t want them too thawed out or they get mushy and messy.


Step two: Put a generous amount of yogurt on a plate or flat surface and begin to roll blueberries until fully coated.

Tip: Again, make sure your blueberries are nice and cold. If they start to thaw and become watery on the outside, it is harder for the yogurt to stick. If this happens use a spoon to help cover them.


Step three: Set coated blueberries aside on a plate that you can fit in your freezer. Top with your favorite toppings if desired.

Place in your freezer and leave them for about two hours.


Serve and enjoy!  Warning: They go fast!

Recipe inspired by: One Good Thing

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