Molly Moon’s


Last weekend Brian and I ventured to a new (for us) part of town just over the bridge from where we live, called University Village.

With every passing week of pregnancy the reality of “we’re going to be parents soon” has really started to sink in and feel real. So we thought it might be time to start looking at cribs and baby stuff. Not gonna lie, I did get sliiiightly overwhelmed. I’ve already decided I don’t want a ton of stuff, and I hope to only get what the baby needs to be happy and healthy. I know this is probably a pipe dream as the years go on, but I plan to be intentional about what we initially fill our house with. ¬†After we were done filling our brains with alll the things baby needs, we followed the trail of ice cream eaters to our saving grace…Molly Moon’s, the homemade ice cream parlor. Oh man you guys, this place was tasty! I had the mint ice cream, made with thin mint Girl Scout cookies and Brian had the balsamic strawberry ice cream—both in homemade waffle cones. Gah! My mouth is watering just thinking about this place.

I ended up really enjoying this little out door shopping area. So many shops and places to eat. It kind of reminded me of our old neighborhood in CA where we often shopped. It also may have been the fact that the weather was so nice and every time it is a beautifully, warm sunny day, I think of California.


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