Monday Hug Day!


Happy Monday Hug Day! These two baby frenchies snuggling/hugging brought a smile to my face early this morning, so I just had to share their cuteness with you. Because, really, what better way to start off your Monday morning?

Things have been a little bit on the crazy side lately and I wanted to let you know that I didn’t actually drop off the face of the planet. We have been doing wedding planning and some other things that I will touch on later, but both have been taking over my mind and that’s the reason I haven’t been present. My creativity has basically turned into what might resemble a black hole with elevator music playing in the background. Stay tuned.

Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy your day! xo Jen

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  1. Oh, cute little Frenchies! I love French bulldogs. I “drop off the face of the planet” from time to time too. Life happens! Hope you’re having a lot of fun with your wedding planning.

    1. Hannah says

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    3. Grade A stuff. I’m unquestionably in your debt.

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    5. Hold da op Julie… jeg ser allerførst dine overarme, det mÃ¥ være alt det havearbejde eller dyrker du en sport.Bukserne er helt fantastiske. Ville ønske jeg kunne bruge sÃ¥danne nogle, men da jeg er ½ gang større end dig bliver det til "blebukser" pÃ¥ mig.

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