More Mexican Food Please

One of my favorite things to do when traveling, and to be honest, when I am in my own town, is to experience the local food. After traveling to Austin, I am now 100 percent sure it would be extremely difficult for me to ever get tired of Mexican food. We went out to so many delicious restaurants it was tough to pick one favorite, but to my delight, the Sunday after Thanksgiving we took a trip to San Antonio, and I fell head over heels in love with La Gloria. Here I experienced the best Mexican street food I have ever had. The ambiance was so unique with the quirky sculptures and refreshing with its pretty outdoor seating, and to top it off, I was officially in heaven when I tasted there frozen margarita.

La Gloria was only one great experience in San Antonio, here are the highlights:

{experiencing the most delicious frozen margarita, it never ended up watered down and I drank it slowly}

{eating TORTAS Y MÁS–best Mexican pork sandwich, so much so that we recreated our own at home this past Sunday}

{eating PANUCHOS—I don’t know how they get all that delicious black bean inside the crispy corn tortilla, but it was amazing}

{sculptures outside}

{playing inside a local touristy gift shop}

{walking along the local river walk}


  1. OMG you two are the most beautiful people over 20 I know!

  2. marta donnelly says

    Wow the torta looks amazing! I love Mexican food! Did you hear we ate “home made” sopes the other night?!

  3. Beso says

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  4. nancy says

    I loved the River Walk, but missed LaGloria’s when I was down there. I guess I’ll have to make another trip!!

  5. Those sculptures are so interesting! I love them!




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