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I know I have talked about this before (here and here), but the act of being surprised by someone can really make a girl (or anyone) feel truly special.

One of my fondness surprises was when I received my very first car. Well, not my first car…that was an 86’ (maroon) Oldsmobile Cutlass that had no heat, air-conditioning and smoked at every stop sign/light. You could literally hear me coming from a mile away. Needless to say, I wasn’t too sad to see that beast go. For a short while I used the family 740 hunter green Volvo. That car was also short lived. Quickly, I was car-less and trying to figure out how I was going to save up to get a car that was probably the same caliber as the last two, which wasn’t exciting, more stressful really. Then one day I received this note:

Lemon Drop Love

It was tucked inside an envelope that simply read “Jen” on the front in my grandmother’s handwriting. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I was in disbelief. The gift blew my mind!

Here is how the surprise went down:

I was home from college and trying to squeeze in a doctor appointment. You know how that goes, right? I remember, my mom told me at breakfast that I needed to cancel my doctor appointment and plan on running errands with her and my grandmother (because they needed my help). I was irritated and baffled. My mom knew why I was home; so why would she ask me to cancel what I needed to do for little errands?

Anyway, I canceled my appointment and we were on our way. First stop, car dealer; my mom “needed” to get a replacement part for the DVD player in her van. When we walked up she kept pointing at all the shiny new cars. I insisted, “mom, I can’t afford these, I would rather not look.” While I waited impatiently for the salesmen to bring my mom her replacement part, a pretty blue car pulled up. My mom said with a smile on her face, “you should just sit in it for fun.” I looked at her irritated and confused and said, “why? This is torment mom…”

The guy opened the door and I shrugged and thought I will just be a good sport and get this over with quick. I peaked in, the envelope was there on the seat…I picked it up and tossed it on the passenger side. I said, “yeah it looks nice mom, really nice.” She looked at me nonchalantly, “Did you see a piece of paper in there?” I responded, “Yeah, I think it fell out of his pocket…” pointing at the salesmen. She looked at me confused,  “I think it has your name on it, honey.” Completely baffled, I looked and she was right, I opened it and read the note (it was in my grandfather’s handwriting). I was SHOCKED, and in complete disbelieve. I was speechless…I closed my eyes and rested my head back on the seat as a huge knot formed in my throat… then I just started to cry (tears of joy). I was so thankful.

We took these photos immediately after my cry fest. It is a memory I will never forget! This was my brandy new, 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer and I couldn’t have been more excited!

**and grandfather does in fact call me “Poop.”

lemon drop love


  1. nancy says

    Some things are just too good to forget!

  2. Arlene Joung says

    I love this story jen!



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