My Biggest Fans

I haven’t brought up my pups in a while, but I must say they brighten my life day after day. I have always been a dog person; well let’s just say an animal person in general, and I feel so lucky to have these little guys in my life. Logan is a sensitive, goofy dog that can sleep standing up, sitting down and pretty much any position you put him in. Sophie is so sweet sometimes I think it is impossible she could get any sweeter, and then she does something that just makes my heart melt. I feel lucky to have two totally different, special little angels following me around my house, watching every move I make like I am just about to do something spectacular.

A little tidbit: when I was a teenager my grandmother gave me this cute little piece of artwork to hang on my wall and it has a quote on it that reads:

“Dogs make the perfect boyfriends…they’re always excited to see you, never hesitate to give you lots of kisses and they won’t break your heart.”

Though I have a wonderful boyfriend now, this little piece made me smile many times in my life.


  1. You have the greatest dogs EVER!

    1. Rock says

      Ahhhhh, I just hung a beautiful mirror last night in our new room. It is not Venetian, but it is a GOTHIC style mirror that fits the décor and will catch the lights of the chandelier and the reflections of my ga..enr.doh, I cannot wait for SPRING!!! BISES MA BELLE! Anita

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  2. nancy says

    Love them too! I think that you have raised them to be the way they are – perfect.

  3. Sara says

    They are too cute! I want a frenchie so bad!!

  4. O M G. These pups are beyond precious. Love these photos! They made me smile!



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