My Crazy Hair Day

Boots: Steve Madden, Leggings, sweater and shirt: J.Crew, Shades: Fossil, Lipstick: MAC snob

Call it a crazy-hair-low-key Sunday. That is exactly how I ended my weekend. The low-key part came from the main highlight: In preparation of hosting a Supper Club and our theme being tapas, we decided to go to our favorite tapas restaurant for some inspiration. It was perfect, we ate a ton of delicious Spanish dishes and indulged in way too much sangria. The crazy-hair part partially came from the too much sangria, but mainly from my recent act of joining the gym. I am so glad I did because now I can have my spinning instructor kick my butt and I don’t have to think twice about it. Needless to say after all the butt-kicking, I hardly have the energy to put much effort into my hair, so it ends up in a big mess tied on top of my head until it dries. The end result is always unpredictable, but consistently a little on the crazy side.


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  1. Messy hair works well on you!



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