My Visit Back To Chicago

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Lucky for me, my favorite time of year (fall) arrived just in time for my visit to Chicago. Late last week was my first time back to the windy city since I had moved (a little over a year ago) to see friends for a wedding and family. It was a little surreal to be a visitor in a city I used to call home for so many years.  At times the city seemed so familiar like I never left. The feeling of the crisp air on my skin and bustling sounds wrapped around me like a hug and brought back so many good memories. Other times the city felt strange and distant, like I had been gone for so long. I drove down Lake Shore Drive, a road I traveled daily, at least two times, if not more, and the lake looked more blue and vibrant than I remembered. To be honest the hustle of my old daily routine seemed distant and unfamiliar.

Some of the highlights of the trip were with Brian reliving our favorite past times in the city where we met, dated and decided to moved in together. Plus, it was great to spend so much quality time with friends and family. I was happy to return home to our sunny California apartment and I realized more so than ever that Chicago will always have a special place in my heart.

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  1. You’ll have to give me a ring next time you’re in town!

  2. michelle tippets says

    Glad you had a good time

  3. nancy costea says

    Chicago misses you more than you know. Don’t watit so long to return.



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