My Wish List: Fall Fashion


As I ease back into regular clothes this fall, here are some of my favorite pieces that are on my wish list.  I hope to treat myself to these items as I start to feel more like myself again. Everything is new-mom friendly…meaning button-down, loose fitting, comfortable yet still stylish and functional–perfect staples for anyone this fall. 

The Tracklist Side-zip Pullover:

I love this sweater with its side zipper detail. It allows for a casual fit, plus easy baby feeding access on the fly.

Statement Necklace:

This necklace is nice to wear while I can–before baby girl starts to tug at my hair and dangly jewelry. The price isn’t over the top, and it will look nice with a sweater or tucked under a button-down shirt collar.

Flat over-the-knee boots:

The price point on these babies is pretty hard to beat and they aren’t your average flat boots. I love the over the knee detail, making them a little more fashionable, yet the design is totally functional for rain or snow. These will pair perfectly with leggings on the days I need more comfort around my waistline.


A little treat to myself…maybe like a personal push gift. I can wear it daily, and it will add just enough pizzazz to my outfit without having to keep track of lots of accessories.


I have a feeling most days my hair won’t be getting the care it has in the past for a few months, so having this chic hat to cover up my greasy roots will be perfect for getting out of the house quickly without scaring people with my dirty hair.

White button-down shirt:

This is the perfect staple piece for me and really anyone this season. I can dress it up with a chunky necklace or down with leggings or distressed jeans. It is really so versatile; I love that it can be easily layered with a sweater or a blazer. Major bonus is it falls a little longer, so it will cover my butt/hips while I’m working on my fitness in the coming months.

Cigarette jean:

These are a perfect cross between a boyfriend jean and a pair of skinny jeans. I’m looking forward to getting back into my skinny jeans, I just don’t know feasibly, exactly when that will happen. So I have been looking for an in-between option and I think this pair fits my needs perfectly. Loose fitting, yet not too sloppy looking and they fall right where your average skinny jean would. These will look great with a pair of flashy flats or an ankle bootie.

Ankle Bootie:

Speaking of ankle bootie, I love these. Ankle booties are nice because you can get away with showing a little ankle, they are comfortable, but if it’s raining you won’t ruin your flats. Plus, since I’m a little short, adding a small amount of hight always makes me feel a little better. This pair is special because they are a little flashy without being over the top, and they don’t have a super high heal. They combine function without being too boring perfectly!

These are my picks for this fall; do you have any favorites that you can’t wait to incorporate? I’d love to hear what you’ve found!  xo Jen 


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