Night on the Town

Dress: Zara, Belt: J.Crew, Headband: Anthropologie, Shoes: Steve Madden Wedges

Tonight was a special occasion. The bf and I had family in town and we ended up kicking the night off with dinner at DMK Burger Bar; to brighten the night we decided it was a perfect excuse to see Million Dollar Quartet for the second time. We have had so much fun attending the show previously I am pretty sure we would see the show for a third time if the mood struck us. I left the auditorium humming blue suede shoes, you aint nothing but a hound dog, whole lot’a shakin going on and walk the line… you could say I was on cloud nine.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was taking a photo with Elvis! This night was so much fun I was exhausted. Would I do it again? YES.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I LOVED DMK Burger Bar. The outfit is gorgeous!

  2. I loved meeting you today at the blogger meetup! It was so awesome to chat during brunch! ps; I love this dress SO much! We were in Zara today and I didn’t see it.. otherwise I might have splurged! :)

  3. jessica says

    your outfit is so lovely.

  4. Oh goodness, your dress is so lovely! I adore the way you accessorized, with the headband and the belt. Perfection. Of course, nothing tops the Elvis picture.

  5. louise says

    Hey! I just found your blog from Tieka’s and I really like it! You’re adorable and I’m absolutely in love with this outfit. I wish there was a Zara anywhere near me, this dress is too pretty to not be in my wardrobe! Too cute, lovely! xx



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