Nursery Decor for Baby Girl


Since we found out we were having a girl I’ve been looking into how I could add a little pizzaz to her room.

We ordered this crib and dresser plus this chair in dove gray for her room from Restoration Hardware Baby a few months ago when they were having a HUGE sale.  The prices were amazing and it was hard to pass up.

I love the idea of filling her room with girly details, plus some fun animal elements. Can you tell I like Giraffes? I’m also a big fan of these baby animal prints from the Animal Print Shop. I was also thinking about replacing the typical mobile that goes above the crib with a sparkly pendant light. Here is my first attempt at making an inspiration board. I know I like all these little details and I am hoping I can incorporate them all.

Why not have a large stuffed giraffe?  I would have died to have this as a kid and it adds a playful element that she can have in her room for years to come.

I love the Lilac bedding, it really warms up the crib, making it perfectly cozy for sleep time and naps.

And I have always loved this small heart print and I think it will be girly and sweet on her wall.

Confetti garland makes it feel like we’re having a party and I like the idea of celebrating her everyday of the year.

I had to figure out how I was going to incorporate a unicorn and I think this little piece will work perfectly.

And just a little something to remind her how much she is loved.

Plus another giraffe element never hurt anything.

I’m still shopping around for pendent lights, but this is a good start.

There are so many cute items out there, it was hard to narrow it down, but I’m happy with these items so far. I think they will really make her room feel playful and sweet, which is exactly what I wanted.

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