Officially Moved In

As of last weekend I have officially moved into my boyfriends place, and as I mentioned in this post, it is pretty much a blank slate.  I am so excited to add the little details that make it ours I don’t know where to begin my shopping or what part of the house to start decorating. I am the type of person that gets so excited about something I just want it to be done right now. Of course when it comes to decorating a home I have to remind myself that everything happens in stride and to be patient. While up in Michigan on Memorial Day we did a little thrift shopping and I purchased this awesome trunk. I am currently using it as a coffee table. Is this a sign that I should start my decorating in the living room?


  1. Tim Thoma says

    Does this mean that Brian has to get rid of his nascar tire coffee table? Or is that already gone?

  2. Good find!

  3. Tim Thoma says

    your blog inspires me to start my own!

  4. brian says

    Tim — If you need help let me know. I am starting one up so if you want to team up let me know.

  5. nancy says

    trunk looks great!!

  6. Sahi says

    Wow! How cool. Congratulations! you will love it. It’s like living with your best friend so roomie drama. In love those peonies, and the vintage trunck! Love it


  7. taylor says

    wow beautiful peonies and I love that chest!



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