Our First Real Tree


This weekend was full of activities, but one of my favorites was picking out our very first real Christmas tree together.

I am a huge fan of fake trees. They are easy to put up and take down, the lights are already on them, and financially they’re a more practical investment year after year. But this year, we will be staying in Seattle for Christmas and we thought why not celebrate our first year together as a married couple with a real one? So that is exactly what we did. And other than the absolute freezing weather, my small breakdown in the Target parking lot (yes, this did happen…the ugly-cry kind of breakdown) our first tree buying experience together went perfect.

I may sound sarcastic, but it really did go perfectly, we just experienced some typical holiday shopping nightmares. And you may already know this about me, but I’m big on making sure things that are supposed to be enjoyable stay enjoyable. I wrote about it in this post last year. And after a horrible trip to Home Depot—all the trees looked half-dead and the store was out of all white lights, and to make things even less enjoyable there were just hordes of people everywhere…bumping into me, babies crying, it was hot and just overall no fun. Brian and I were looking at each other with wide-eyed desperation, and ready to make a run for it.

After leaving, we headed to Target and before we went in, I hit a total overwhelm moment—ready to give up on the real-tree thing. I just didn’t know if I could deal with the total mayhem we just left all over again.Silly, I know…but it happened, and sometimes a girl just has to cry it out!

Plus, I felt like we weren’t really enjoying the process, we were both grumpy and on edge and wanted to get the stupids lights already. You know? And I just didn’t want that to be the way the day went. So we both took a deep breath and laughed about how ridiculous that entire experience was.

Once that was out of our systems, Target (one of my favorite stores) ended up being a breath of fresh air. We scored some white lights and headed to the cutest Christmas tree farm. The trees were so pretty and the people were incredibly friendly.



We ended up with the most perfect tree this year. And I guess it’s safe to admit I’m not the best at dealing with crowds of disgruntled holiday shoppers. But if you run into something similar this year, try not to take yourself too seriously and laugh it off, because it isn’t worth ruining your day.

I wanted to get you guys a good photo of the entire tree, but I couldn’t manage to get a good photo from a distance, so here is another close up shot.



  1. Francesca says

    I like your Star! Enjoy the season.

  2. Nancy says

    I love a fresh tree and yours looks beautiful. I love the colored ornaments too. Very festive!!



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