Our Little Valentine


This Valentine’s Day was dedicated to this little nugget.

We officially moved Liliana into her crib full-time on Friday. If I’m going to be completely honest, it was much harder for us than it was for her. And we also tried a new attempt with putting her down for her naps and it seems to be working. She was the queen of the 30-45 minute nap and on Saturday she took a two hour nap!!! I was in so much disbelief that I pretty much starred at the monitor waiting for her to wake up the entire time. But Sunday rolled around and she did the same thing! Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s Brian, and he’s the baby whisperer. So the true test will be if she does it for me this week. If she does, hopefully there will be much more blog posts in my future.

This week I’m also going to be packing for our first plane ride with Liliana. We’re┬áheading down to LA on Friday and from LAX Brian travels out of the country to, Dublin. It is a short 1-week trip, and I’m sad I can’t go to Dublin with Brian, but I’m happy the flight is only 2 hours and we aren’t changing time zones.



^see that dimple under her eye? I can’t get enough of it^



^please ignore our messy coffee table (ooops!) and focus on the cuteness happening between this babe and her dad^



  1. She is such a sweetie! If you have time, I’d love to see you/meet Liliana while you’re in LA :)

  2. Michelle says

    Such a happy baby!



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