Picnic by the Lake

We have wanted to have a picnic after work, but it always ended up raining or it got so windy it was hard to justify it actually being comfortable to sit outside. The weather was definitely on our side last night so we seized the moment and had some sushi and wine by the lake. Everything was going perfect except half way through our meal a cute lab puppy came running out of nowhere and almost had a delicious sushi dinner for two all for himself (his owner, of course wasn’t anywhere to be found). I had one stiff arm out holding him back for what seemed like forever until his very absent minded owner magically appeared yelling his name. Lucky for us the struggle to protect our food was over and we were back to enjoying our meal and great view. 

If you haven’t visited the shoe web site endless.com, you should. It is fantastic and you can find a variety of styles for reasonable prices. This is where I got these Chinese Laundry suede heels.


  1. Loving your dress. You are so prettty
    Do enter the contest I am conducting now on my blog.

  2. nancy says

    except for the rogue hound, it sounds like a perfect night!

  3. LOVE the shoes!

  4. Jackie says

    I love Chinese Laundry, their shoes are usually really cute and budget friendly.
    I really dislike owners that don’t keep up with their dogs, I can’t count how many times a dog has sneaked up on me and scared me 😛 Adorable dogs yes but I’m not particularly fond of furry surprises when I’m out.

  5. Cute shoes!!


  6. You;re just too adorable.



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