Pregnancy Lifesavers: For the not so pretty side of pregnancy

Pregnancy Lifesavers // For the not so pretty side of pregnancy // Lemon Drop Love

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but underneath it all—specifically your clothes… and how your body physically feels, plus the emotional roller coaster your hormones put you on, together can all be a little messy and not so pretty after all.

Being just about 5-weeks away from D-day, I wanted to share some of my pregnancy lifesavers that have helped me get through the less than flattering aspects of pregnancy.

Panty liners:

Almost since the day you get pregnant there is a party in your pants on a daily basis. And not the fun kind, it’s like one of those parties that are messy, smell funny and you’re ready to leave and take a shower as soon as possible. To keep you on your toes, it changes over the course of pregnancy, but it consistently makes a big ‘ol mess in your underwear. This has probably been one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy. But I have tried all different kinds of panty liners over the last 8-months and these have been my favorite. You’ve been warned, so stock up on these!

Pregnancy pillow:

At first I was kind of in disbelief that I would ever need one of these. But let me tell you, as soon as you can, get one. Sleeping while pregnant gets tricky, you’re up peeing a few times a night and moving around becomes a big task. So finding comfort is key here. I’m using this one by Bump Nest and it has helped me sleep, especially as I’ve gotten bigger. I snuggle in the “U” shape and add an extra pillow between my legs and it takes the pressure off my hips, neck and shoulders perfectly.

Vitamin B-6 pills:

In the fist trimester you might feel nauseous or off in general. Taking vitamin B-6 soothes those symptoms big time. So taking some daily will help you get through the first few months where you kind of feel yucky in general.

Vitamin E cream:

I love vitamin E cream. I did a post on my favorite brands here. But I will say it again; this stuff feels so nice to rub all over your body. I’m never itchy, no stretch marks that I know of yet, and I stay super soft all day.

Kind Granola Bars:

In my first trimester, it was hard to figure out what to eat, especially when I first woke up, so I always had a stash of kind bars in our pantry and I ate these a lot for breakfast. In the second trimester I loved eating them for a snack anytime of day and I still love having them on hand in the third trimester, because I’m back to not always knowing what I want to eat lately.

Getting My Teeth Cleaned:

Yes, pregnancy hormones effect your teeth and gums…they easily bleed and your teeth become more susceptible to infection. I really didn’t want to be dealing with teeth issues while I was pregnant, so as soon as I hit the second trimester and started feeling normal, I booked a teeth cleaning appointment.

Tank Tops:

Since your body turns into a walking heater, having tank tops that are soft, not restricting and on the longer side, make being comfortable a little easier. I love the tanks that Storq makes, these by anthropologie and target has some nice ones too. I say stock up on them, even if you’re pregnant during the winter, they layer really nicely, and you never know when you will get a hot flash.


Eating salads have not been high on my “want to eat” list since getting pregnant, so in order to get my veggies and fruits on a daily basis I have been relying a lot on smoothies. I like to put flaxseed and green veggie powder in there for some extra vitamins. We also have a green juice shop by our house, so instead of treating myself to a coffee, I often pick up a green smoothie and it makes me feel really good after. Since your digestion slows considerably, it also helps keep things moving downstairs.

A Water Jug:

Staying well hydrated helps keep uterus cramping at bay, helps reduce puffiness, and it helps wake you up when you are feeling sluggish. So I try and drink at least 64oz of water a day. I love drinking a ton of water in the morning; it really helps me start my day on a good note.  Oh, and the colder the better! I picked a not-so-cute water jug up when we had a tour of our hospital, but here is a super cute one that might work out nicely.

Good Reads:

Once it finally hits you that you are caring a little life in you, and for me, I still have a hard time always believe it’s true. But you feel excited, scared, and worried of all the unknown stuff that comes with carrying, delivering and becoming a parent. And for me, reading feel-good reads have eased my worries a bit and has helped me feel more excited about what this big life change will bring. I have loved this book, “Great with Child,”and this blog Coffee and Crumbs for a little dose of honesty and feel good vibes.

Budget-friendly Maternity Clothes:

I’m not going to get into how bad it has been for me dealing with finding good maternity clothes. But every stage of pregnancy has been awkward for me clothes-wise. And maternity clothes can get SO expensive, and when you order them they end up not fitting correctly. But I have found that Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity have the best priced, best fitting clothes that I have found. I also love shopping at both of these stores because you can find clothes to wear even in your early stages of pregnancy where you just have a bloated belly all the way through the bigger stages like the one I’m in now.

Exercise DVD:

Your body changes so quickly when you get pregnant, and pretty early on I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize my new body that was forming and changing at what seemed to be sonic speed. But making sure you move daily, or as much as you can helps keep your head right, plus it’s healthy for you and your baby. Throughout my pregnancy I tried to go to the gym every other day (I wasn’t always perfect, but I tried my best). This was much easier to do earlier in the pregnancy and became more and more difficult as I got bigger. To be honest, now being five weeks away, I have stopped hitting the gym, and I now rely on pregnancy yoga once a week and my walks with the dogs. However, early in pregnancy I purchased The Pregnancy Project by Tracy Anderson and I have really loved it. In between going to the gym or on days when I didn’t really feel like going out to exercise, I used this DVD and it has been amazing. It is designed so you have a specific exercise routine for each month of pregnancy and it is highly effective without being over-the-top.

 I’m curious: Do you have any secrets that helped you survive the not-so-fun sides of pregnancy? I always enjoy hearing your tips! I think us ladies to need share the love :)

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