Quick And Easy At-home Manicure

I have been giving myself manicures since I can remember. When I was in middle school I would always offer to give them to my family or friends at sleepovers or any girly hang out session. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of going to the salon to get a mani/pedi from a professional, but to be honest, I find giving myself a manicure somewhat therapeutic. I think it’s because it’s mindless and rewarding (there aren’t many things in life that can satisfy someone in that way).  I particularly like to do them when I’m watching TV or a movie, and when I’m relaxing outside, especially in the warm summer months.

If you have been intimidated to try, seriously don’t be! Or if you have been fed up once before, try again! All you need are a few essentials and you will have them done in a pinch. Also, if you aren’t used to painting your right hand (and you’re right handed or vice versa) just practice and it will happen, promise!

1.     Bowl of soapy warm water
2.     Your favorite nail polish + any embellishments
3.     Cuticle pusher
4.     Sephora cuticle oil pen
5.     Cuticle softener
6.     Hand cream
7.     Buffer to smooth any uneven surfaces
8.     Nail file
9.     Angled cuticle clippers

You can find some nice starter kits here

Here are the steps I take for an easy and fast manicure at home:

After you have let your nails dry, apply cuticle oil and hand lotion.


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    Thanks for the refresher! You make it look so easy and fun!!



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