Salad Kick

I am on a salad kick…and I am actually pretty proud of it. I have never been a salad lover; I have always just tolerated them.  Salads rarely ever get my mouth to water and my mind thinking—man I could really eat a salad right now. What is the point in eating something  if it is just mediocre?  I say there is no point. I am trying to bust out of the normal salad routine to incorporate things I really enjoy eating. I am a huge avocado fan, as I have stated here, and I recently discovered how well the simple flavors of citrus and avocado go together. Sunday night I made a citrus vinaigrette and drizzled it over thinly sliced avocado slices atop a bed of nicely chopped bite-size pieces of lettuce. I also garnished with some salt, pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Tonight I chopped up a few vegetables I had in my refrigerator and mixed them together with lettuce. I made a light balsomic vinaigrette and garnished with a little parmesan cheese.

I am going to have to dedicate my salad kick to my new love for Costco. My boyfriend and I recently joined and it is the perfect place to buy bulk in produce, meat, alcohol and delicious bread.  I always thought it was an ideal place for all soccer moms a like, but we very nicely took to its huge abundance of all things good! I am giving a big thank you to Costco this week because I have an ample supply of all the veggies I need for at least one great salad a day!


  1. YUM! I always need good salad recipes!

  2. LM says

    wow! I’m hungry now! :) your photos are so cool. We follow you everyday. A big hug!

  3. nancy says

    Great photos. You could be a food photographer!!

  4. Oh I love a fresh salad. This looks amazing!



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