Sangria Sunday

My posts have been few and far between and my creativity is sparse and hard to come by. At the end of the day all I want to do is blog and talk to all of my lovely readers, but I feel like I am torn between the corporate world and the world that makes me feel complete. I love this medium because I feel like I can be me and allow/encourage myself to be creative, which at the end of the day makes me so happy. I took some time to focus on me and the things I have wanted to accomplish in my personal life. This completely lifted my spirits on Sunday. I started this painting for our living room. It is a quote by Julia Child–that I think will positively complete our space. Also, I couldn’t think of anything better to warm up our Sunday afternoon than a little sangria. To me this concoction is most often thought of as a summer drink, but the fruit and champagne somehow brought a refreshing cozy feel inside our little condo and fit the mood perfectly. The rest of our evening was spent laughing, telling funny stories and planing our upcoming vacations over the holidays. I am so excited! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and were able to take time for yourself–sometimes there is nothing better.

Sangria–fresh fruit of your choice. Ours were tangerines, granny smith apples and pineapple. We used champagne and a dry white wine as our base and added St. German and a splash of Patron’s citronge orange liqueur. After letting it sit for a few hours, it was a delicious treat.


  1. Sounds like a delicious way to end the week! Looks so fresh and refreshing!!!!

  2. Lisa says

    Wonderful! Got to try it : )

  3. nancy says

    That is a beautiful looking Sangria!! And I can’t wait to see the painting:)

    1. Tish says

      What a great reoucrse this text is.

    2. Hello RJ,Thanks for sharing your experience! Yes, I find that so many emotions and ideas run through my head that when I get down to blogging often what I thought I would write ends of much differently after reflection.

    3. Isn’t the Secret Recipe Club fun?!? Amanda’s such a doll for thinking it up and organizing the whole thing for us every month. I’m just thrilled that you chose this recipe from my blog! It’s a really old one and the photography on it was, well…it’s a little embarrassing :-)

    4. Congratulations! Have a wonderful time. I hate that I won’t be there to meet you, to hear you speak and I rarely use the word hate. No doubt you will be fantastic! Can’t wait to hear, see, and read all about it.Have a most wonderful time! XO

  4. marta donnelly says

    That Sangria looks so tempting!



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