Setting The Table This Thanksgiving

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This year is the first year I actually feel prepared for a holiday. Brian and I decided on a menu a few weeks ago and we finished our grocery shopping this past weekend (AMAZING!). This kind of stuff rarely happens around here, so I am going to relish in it and secretly hope we are setting a new trend in our life.

Since things have been going so well with all of our prep, I didn’t want to ruin it. And as I was brainstorming table-setting ideas I found myself getting carried away thinking: I need to get this and that, and how can I make this work? Our place is too small, etc. (Basically the world around me started crashing down. Logical, right?) I don’t know about you, but when I go down this path I get tightness in my chest and frustration in my voice and I’m basically no fun. Fortunately, for me, and everyone under my roof, I immediately noticed what was happening, and to quickly avoid going off the deep end, I reeled it in and kept it simple stupid.

Things you’ll need:

lemon drop love

**essentials are: two different sized plates, placemats and cloth napkins. If you have these, you can get away with making any meal a little fancier. Everything else is added based on the occasion.

lemon drop lovelemon drop love{after I set the table everything was looking festive, minus one little detail: place cards. To make some, I used paper I had lying around and cut it using a business card as my template size, then used some letter stamps I had and wrote a little something to help personalize things}

lemon drop lovelemon drop lovelemon drop love{as a final touch I lit the candles and everything seemed to come together}

Crisis averted! Hopefully if you find yourself partially losing your sanity this will help you keep it real this Thanksgiving.


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  1. nancy says

    Looks gorgeous! I’ll bet the meal will as delicious as it is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!! What is the menu?



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