She’s Five Months And She Has Two Bottom Teeth


{peace out, momma…}

Liliana turned five months over the weekend and sprouted her two bottom teeth! One on Saturday and the other on Sunday.

I was singing and dancing when I felt those little suckers. She had been so clingy over the last few weeks–crying a lot, and she was actually waking up in the middle of the night, which she hasn’t done in months! I felt like it was me, like I was doing something wrong. Maybe she wasn’t sleeping at night because I wasn’t giving her what she needed during the day? Was I spoiling her, that’s why I couldn’t leave the room for a nano-second without her screaming out?! I was confused and worried. The doctor didn’t think she would get teeth for a while, but I felt in my gut something was up. I would rub her gums daily. So when I felt that sharp little thing on Saturday morning I felt relief. I got my answer, it was teeth the entire time! I started to cheer and call for Brian to share what I had found. Liliana thought the entire thing was a party and was smiling so big at me.

It was kind of a fun way to celebrate 5-months on this planet I assume. Mommy dancing and cheering and sprouting two little chompers. I must say though, this age is so fun. ¬†Brian and I were talking about it last night… we can really see her little sweet, fun and charming personality starting to take shape.

She is pretty much always smiling. Not just at us, but strangers in the grocery store, the dogs, really everyone. And she just loves to talk. And her new thing is to tap my shoulder over and over as I hold her and we walk from room to room, and every so often she will look up at me and smile and then proceed to touch my face and giggle. Her soft, sometimes clammy hands on my face melt my heart. I feel like she sees me now, really knows me to be her momma–it’s so special. I also discovered she loves to get dipped back. I’ll be holding her and then I dip her back and say, “weeeeeeeee!” and she giggles and then pushes off of me and tries to lean back so I do it again. I didn’t want to stop when I noticed she wanted to do it more and more because I realized we were playing together for the very first time.

This age gets me excited for what’s to come. But I kind of want to press pause for a second though. Maybe wait a little bit before more teeth come and just take it all in for a few more days before it all starts to change again.

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  1. Michelle says

    Enjoy every single second, they pass quickly. Liliana is a special baby.



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