Sinful, But Worth It

Do you have any sort of food item that you stay away from at all cost? I definitely do, and my stay- away-from-at-all-cost food item is a cinnamon roll. Just the smell of a cinnamon roll baking makes me happy. For years now I have been living vicariously through just smelling them. How sad is that? For example, when I am in an airport and I walk by the infamous Cinnabon, which I always do (they are very strategically placed), I pause, breath in deeply and enjoy the lovely aroma and then simply walk away EVERY TIME. Some of you may be saying, “good for you girl that is some self-control!” Others, including myself, may be saying, “come on, why not, you deserve it and what is the harm in having one every once in a while?” Well, that is exactly what I did, but I had not one or two but three of them for brunch. Simply said, that is the danger, because I don’t just eat one, ever. However, every second of making them and eating them was great and I don’t regret it. I made the new Pillsbury Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and Brian made a delicious fresh squeezed grapefruit bubbly, which paired well with all of my cinnamon rolls. In the end, I encourage all of you to treat yourself, you deserve it. Happy eating!


  1. Laura says

    You should try making these sometime
    They’re AMAZING and it makes a ton so you can bring them to work or give away to friends.. or eat them all.

  2. nancy says

    Oh, Jen!! They look delicious and your photos are delicious, too!!

  3. Looks delicious! Now I need to make some!

  4. marta donnelly says

    Thanks Jen! I am heading out to buy some now! Its been so cold and its suppose to rain tomorrow. It will go perfect with a cup of coffee.



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