Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I have a surprise birthday trip coming up; it is the first trip that I have planned completely on my own. I am not going lie, I definitely used some resources to solidify my decisions, but the planning and booking was all me. I found out during this process that the hardest part for me is keeping the actual secret. I get so excited, I just want to burst out and talk about all the things I am excited to do. It’s hard keeping my lips sealed, especially when I have to stay alert and be sure I have many witty comments to use to throw the person off the scent. Early on it dawned on me that when you are an excitable person all of this “keeping a secret” stuff really adds up against you. To say the least it has been a tough duty, but the good news is, I have been successful thus far in keeping my secret and I only have one more morning until I can unveil all my planning.

To keep my mind off of things for the last couple of months, especially these last couple of days, I have come up with my spring must have accessory wish list:

Royal Crown Band, Banana Republic $35.00

Dotty Pac-a-Parka, Topshop $55.00

Bauble Necklace with Twill Ribbon Tie, Loft $34.50

Seychelles Women’s Joan Wedge, Beso $94.95

Hunter ‘Original Tall’ High Gloss Rain Boot (Women), Beso $115.00

Longchamp Le Pliage Small Folding Handbag, Beso $98.oo

Pale Blooms Beret, Anthropologie $42.00

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  1. Going to be fun fun fun!



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