Snow Day!


We woke up this morning to a dusting of snow…probably an inch at the most. So you know what that means here in Seattle? SNOW DAY! Schools are closed and people are staying snuggled in doors.

I think this is the closest we will get to a white Christmas—and that’s fine by me. Coming from Chicago where there are freezing temperatures and hordes of snow…I’m loving that an inch is considered a lot here. And the funny thing is…I think it will all be melted by tomorrow and 45 degrees.

I’ve had my fair share of dealing with inches and inches of snow, and stepping outside to go to work or run an errand and feeling like my skin is being pricked with a thousand needles… that I’m content with fleeting winter moments like these.

Enjoy your Friday friends! If you are feeling cold, snuggle up like us in the North West. Oh, and maybe try this. It will warm you up and make you smile.

Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by my little blog!



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  1. Nancy says

    Looks pretty. I’ll bet the mountains will still be white for Christmas.



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