Something to Try: Bourbon + Chocolate Chip Cookies


Sometimes when you pair the simplest things together you find a match made in heaven. And you will find this is true when you have yourself some bourbon and a few homemade chocolate chip cookies. It’s not fancy, it’s simple and it’s freak’n delicious!

I didn’t come up with this all on my own…I simply recreated it. Before the wedding Brian and I went to a concert in downtown Seattle and for dinner we went to Radiator Whiskey. After an awesome meal I noticed under desserts they had “warm chocolate chip cookies served with a shot of whiskey”— and I just had to try it. And at that moment we shared a dessert I will continue to recreate at home. The flavors go perfect together, and we’ve found they make a great treat by the fire on a cold winter night.



 ^ If you like bourbon and haven’t had Blanton’s, you should try it. One of my new favorite whiskey’s.^


^ Cookie recipe is nothing fancy. Took it right off the back of the Ghirardelli chocolate chip bag.^

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