Sophie Patiently Waiting

Sophie Patiently Waiting from Lemon Drop Love on Vimeo.

Here is a video of Sophie that I took last month. I just had to capture how still and patient she would be day after day.

When we were living in temporary housing, every day we would go and pick up Brian from work. It was really the highlight of all of our days. And Sophie caught on pretty quickly—she knew where we were going, when we were close and where to look in the mirrors to see that Brian was walking to the car.

If you look in the rear window you can see Brian’s head appear and then Sophie see’s him in the right-side mirror.

She’s a cutie! Meanwhile, Logan was relaxing in the back seat, patiently sleeping…

p.s. Sophie wanted me to tell you to please ignore her dirty face…she was busy having fun on our hike earlier that day.


  1. Aw, such a sweetie! My pup likes to get her face all dirty by digging in the sand at the beach.

  2. She such a good girl! So quiet too!



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