Starting A Kitchen Together: The Fun Stuff


Ceramic Ramekins // Juicer // Cast-iron Panini Iron // Wok // 5-inch Cast-iron Frying Pans // Tortilla Press // Waffle Iron // Crepe Pan

Time for the fun stuff!

Of course you don’t actually need a crepe pan, or mini cast-iron frying pans, but it sure does make your time in the kitchen together a lot more fun.  Here are a few goodies to accessorize your kitchen and take your cooking to the next level. I have to admit, we don’t own all of these yet, but I hope we do in the near future.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our essentials for starting a kitchen together to see tools we use weekly.


  1. Ananth says

    a perfect expamle of this. I met her parents back in March when I travelled to Stratford for their maternity shoot an amazing couple, so nice and made my job so easy. I was so excited to meet who was hiding



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