Stay Hydrated With A Cranberry Cooler


We all know how important it is to drink your H2O, but do you drink as much as you should? If you are anything like me, probably not. I found an easy and healthy way to stay hydrated this summer that I think you will enjoy just as much as I do.

I read we should all aim to drink half our body weight in ounces daily.  I’m not big on keeping an exact count on things like this, so I needed something that I just wanted all the time. I used to drink a ton of unsweetened iced tea, but I’m happily ditching my old habit for my daily cranberry cooler. I like the taste, and all the health benefits of this little concoction.

The lemon is great for digestion, it’s liver cleansing, boosts your immune system and it is naturally antibacterial. The cranberry is great for bladder health, helps eliminate water retention, it aids in boosting your circulatory system and cleans up cellulite. All are major bonuses in my book, plus this stuff tastes fantastic!


Cranberry Cooler

makes 1 pitcher


8 cups water

8 oz unsweetened 100% Cranberry Juice

1-2 droppers full of liquid Stevia (depending on your sweetness preference) I purchased mine from Trader Joe’s

4 slices of lemon


Combine water, cranberry juice and stevia in a pitcher. Stir until combined. Slice lemon and place in pitcher. Place in refrigerator for  1 hour. Enjoy!

Note: You can drink this right away, but waiting a little while lets the lemon combine with the cranberry nicely.


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