Summer Fun


Summer is in full swing. The weather is hot and all I want to do is relax outside every chance I get. Starting this Fourth of July weekend all summer wishes are coming true. This is the start of many upcoming weekends where the plans will be based around outside activities. Whether it is a BBQ, playing volleyball, riding jet skis, reading on the beach, or making many variations of my signature cocktail (like this one). I think stocking up on light weight summer dresses is a good idea. I want them to be comfortable, breathable and as cute as possible. I have been doing some research and thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, BarelyVogue, I was introduced to Ruche. I stopped by the site and it was pretty much a one-stop-shop. I found a couple different variations on exactly what I wanted. I have shopped here multiple times in the past because they have great styles with very reasonably prices and I have never been disappointed.

  1. Bittersweet Goodbyes $44.00
  2. C’est la bonne vie dress $34.99
  3. San Miguel Bohemian maxi dress $49.99
  4. Treasure of Tortuga Dress $38.99


  1. ks says

    such darling dresses! and all priced so great! love your cute blog!

  2. #4 is my fave

  3. nancy says

    I vote for #3! I think it would look smashing on you!!



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