Thank You Bloggers

Staying indoors and getting organized during this time of year is probably going to work out in my favor more than I know. When I think about it, I leave home and it’s dark, I get home and it’s dark, plus, since January and February tend to be the worst snow weather months in Chicago, it appears I will be having a lot of “indoor” time. Thanks to one of my very favorite bloggers, Taylor of Sterling Style for introducing me to the lovely Erin of Apartment #34 in her post today. When I was exploring Erin’s site, Erin then introduced me to the blog stephmodo, who is written by Stephanie. To my delight, I was able to find some inspiration for organization/decorating, plus I now have a few more fantastic blogs to read regularly.

{What a great way to display cookbooks}

{I absolutely love these chairs. This has nothing to do with organizing, but I still had to post them}

{I have so many ideas in my head; I really need an inspiration board. This looks like the perfect solution}



  1. Come organize my house for practice!

  2. nancy says

    I think an inspiration board that is just for you is just what you need. I vote for it!!



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