Thankful for This Thanksgiving


We had an amazingly laid back Thanksgiving. And, like always, Brian and I had a really great time cooking up all the fixings this year. Brian’s fried turkey turned out really well. I highly recommend making one if you haven’t yet. I for sure think this will be a staple in our house moving forward.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of the food this year. I kind of just wanted to sip on a cocktail, hangout and make sure I didn’t mess up the stuffing, cheesy broccoli, cranberry sauce or the gravy. Full disclosure, I put WAY too much flower in the gravy somehow (maybe too many sips on my cocktail), so when I started to add the stock it just globbed up into a mush. Thank goodness for extra stock (lesson learned: always keep tons on hand on Thanksgiving you will need it) and Brian saving me and the gravy. It still turned out delicious.

This year seemed extra special since Thanksgiving was our first holiday as a married couple. It was neat, even though we have cooked a handful of Thanksgiving’s together already, this one felt like a first.

So I was very thankful this year to have officially started a family and to have grown mine. I was thankful for our new careers in Seattle and for all the support and love we have in our life right now. I feel truly blessed to be living the life that I am and I can’t wait for what the future brings.

Hope you had an amazing time with family and friends. And hopefully you ate like a queen/king!

the-turkey-day-line-up {the line up}


{Brian’s plate piled high}

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