The BOOurbon Margarita

BOOurbon-Margarita // Lemon Drop Love

If you’ve been following this little blog, you may already know I’m a huge fan of margaritas…find recipes here, here, and here. Last week, Brian and I were out on a date night and we ate dinner at a whiskey bar and on the drink menu there was a bourbon margarita. I had to try it! And I must say it was delicious and a nice departure from my usual tequila drinks.

Needless to say, I got inspired and thought of all kinds of ways to make it spooky for Halloween. I changed the name, added a cayenne salt rim for some orange coloring and a little kick, and of course I added some sour gummy worms. It turned out festive, bold and fun! Between the Dark & Spooky and this drink, we are all set for Halloween tomorrow.

BOOurbon Margarita // Lemon Drop Love

BOOurbon-Margarita // Lemon Drop Love

recipe makes 1 drink

What you need:
1 oz lime juice, plus one wedge
1 oz orange liquor (I used Patron Citronge)
1.5 oz bourbon (I had Maker’s Mark on hand)
Squeeze of agave to taste
Mix of cayenne and salt (I combined equal parts)

Make it:
Place cayenne and salt mixture on a plate.  Rim a glass using one of the lime wedges and then push the rim of the glass into the salt mixture until you see the salt sticking to the edge of the glass.  Fill glass with ice and set aside.

Put a few cubes of ice into a martini shaker and add the juice of lime, bourbon, orange liquor and agave nectar to taste.  Shake thoroughly and pour into glass.  Garnish with lime wedge and sour gummy candies.

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