The Clown of The House


Logan's Sexy Pose

Logan Sporting the 3-D Glasses

The best way to describe Logan is an “emotional clown.” Logan could be sleeping and he makes me laugh. He could be begging when he darn well knows not to, and still I’m trying not to laugh. Logan came into my life around his first birthday, in the spring of 2008, and my life has never been the same. You could say we experienced love at first sight. Needless to say, since then we have definitely had our ups and downs, but we are both better from those experiences.  

I adopted Logan from a very nice woman, Sandy Wilson, who is a reputable breeder in Ohio. She got him from Hungary, so you can say he is a worldly guy. To be honest, sometimes I think he still only understands Hungarian! All in all, Logan is exactly as Sandy described him, “the perfect co-pilot.”  

Have you ever seen any of the new vampire shows? You know how vampires have the ability to “glamour” people so they become entranced and will do whatever the vampire wants? Well, Logan does that all the time to people on the street, friends, family and pretty much everyone he meets. Since he has a small fan base here at home, we have been inspired to help him start his own blog, The Lazy Dog Blog. I know he is looking forward to sharing his quirky nature with the world. Hopefully he can brighten your life as much as he brightens mine. 


Vampire Fun

  Be careful, he might put his spell on you!   


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  1. Laura F says

    Such a cutie! I’m loving your blog girlie. Miss you!



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