The Proposal


Early Saturday morning on April 27th we packed up the car and headed to Long Beach to catch the ferry to Catalina Island. We had never been and agreed it would be the perfect weekend getaway to celebrate Brian’s birthday (at least that was the impression I was under. He FOOLED me ONCE).


Fun fact: Brian and I actually first met on his birthday…

We booked an ocean view room, with a patio at a cute little hotel called Villa Portofino. Once we arrived to our room, Brian disappeared back to the front desk claiming he needed to find out what the Wifi info was for the hotel. Apparently they were supposed to have champagne in the room upon arrival, so he left to sort that out (FOOLED TWICE).

He came back saying we should go grab lunch, the front desk mentioned they would need to come back to the room to tidy up because the room was ready early (FOOLED for a THIRD time). This was a little odd to me, but I was starving, so I was blinded by hunger, and totally sold on the idea and didn’t think much about it.


We found a beachfront lunch spot, where we snacked and sipped on drinks. I was in heaven! Totally relaxed, enjoying the warm sun on my skin.



Brian mentioned he was ready to head back. Not me, I said, “come on, one more drink? This is so relaxing and nice!” I just want to stay a little longer. He agreed, but with slight hesitation. I noticed it at the time and was a little thrown off since he rarely is ready to leave a spot like that. But, Brian did a great job at hiding how anxious he was. He now claims it was the longest lunch we have EVER had!

After we finished, we headed back to the hotel. I think this is where Brian started to get nervous/more excited, but again, he did a great job at hiding it.



We walked in the door and there was a bottle of champagne.

I immediately said, “WOW! Why did they do this?”

Brian responded with, “What, you didn’t do this for my birthday?”

(FOOLED me a FOURTH time)

I started laughing, mostly because I thought that would have been a good idea, and bashfully said, “No, I didn’t! You did this! Or did they accidentally give us the romance package?” I was still laughing and headed into the bathroom.

Once I came out, Brian had two glasses poured and we headed out to our beautiful patio overlooking the water. We sat down, and Brian said, “What should we celebrate?”

I quickly responded with, “Well, your birthday of course!!!”

And Brian said, “No let’s celebrate something more fun.”

Confused I said, “What could be more fun then celebrating your birthday right now?!”

He smiled and said, “How about celebrating the rest of our lives together?”

I was speechless…. And he pulled out the box and opened it up and placed it on the table.

I was so happy and in shock, I just smiled and said, “Oh my gosh, okay!!!” And everything goes blank. Brian started talking and he put the ring on my finger and I don’t remember anything he said. I went to hug him and sit on his lap and started to come out of my daze. And then Brian said,  “wait, did you day yes?”

We both laughed and I confirmed my “YES!” and we took photos and then boom, I shattered my champagne glass all over the patio.

Brian had me fooled for sure, and I’m so happy he did! I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!





  1. Louise says

    Thanks for sharing your story. It brought happy tears to my eyes and I just want you to know that I am really really happy for you two. I wish you a long, happy, and prosperous life together.

  2. Oh, that’s such a sweet proposal! Thanks for sharing. You look really relaxed and happy in the pictures.

  3. How sweet! I can’t wait to follow your wedding planning. I’m sure it will all be beautiful!

  4. Congratulations, Jen! This is so exciting! I, too, couldn’t remember anything my husband said when he proposed and felt like an idiot for it so I’m glad I’m not alone.

    Your ring is almost identical to mine – love it!! So excited for you! :)

  5. Anna says

    Oh my, this is so sweet! Such a wonderful man at your side. And I love how he must have been so nervous and how he thought that must have been the longest lunch ever! Such a sweet man! Big congratulations! I wish you all the best!

  6. Michelle says

    so cool!



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