The View is Undeniable

The end of May is approaching quickly. You might be asking yourself, so what? Well, when the end of May arrives that will mean my lease is up, which means my things need to be packed up and moved out. This isn’t going to be just any move; this is a much more exciting move. You may be wondering, what could be exciting about a move? Well, I will be moving in with my boyfriend Brian. He has a condo overlooking Lake Michigan and the views are absolutely beautiful.

View on a sunny day, sometimes you can see poeple flying kites

There are some challenges that come along with moving in together. We will be combining our everyday things, as well as combining our design taste. Since his place is a blank slate, this is going to be a fun process. I have ordered and read The Nest Home Design Handbook to help get my juices flowing. You can tell I have already added a little splash of color by keeping the orchids I received for Valentine’s Day at his place.

Valentine Orchids

If anyone knows of any good design books, I would love to know what they are.


  1. nancy says

    Jen, You are going to have so much fun! With your sense of style, the condo will be the show place of Chicago! I can’t wait to see what you and Brian do to make the place the perfect combination – just like you and Bri!

  2. I think you and Brian are making a smart move!



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