Things That Make You Go “What, Really?”

From time to time there are these awkward moments when people learn the little things about me that make them say, “You really do that?” or “I have never known anyone that does that!” or the most awkward… “That is why you are so weird!” Sometimes it is enlightening because most of the time I never knew that what I did was really that different from everybody else, but I will be the first to admit I am a bit of a goofball. We all have endearing qualities that make us unique; here are just a few of mine!

  • I never lick the lids of a yogurt wrapper or a pudding wrapper (they go into the trash immediately)
  • I am scared of heights but I can’t wait to sky dive
  • I get scared easily but I never turn down watching a scary movie
  • No matter what the season I love to have a blanket by me/over me on the couch
  • I love to paint (I minored in art)
  • I slept with my childhood blanket every night and just recently stopped about a year a go
  • I don’t drink milk, it gives me the willies
  • I sing a long with songs all the time, if I don’t know the words I just make up my own (which is often)
  • I talk to my new fish as if he was my dog
  • I cry during 80% of chick flicks
  • I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld

Don’t be shy feel free to share the qualities that make you unique.

On a side note: I purchased a fish this weekend. He doesn’t have a name yet.


  1. Name him Willy. You cried during that movie too. Remember I had to “buy” a whale? So you have a whale swimming around in the big blue sea. Jen, that is one of the coolest pictures of you. weirdo

  2. I throw away the lids too!
    And I can’t stand milk either.
    I also hate mayo on a sandwich, unless it’s in chicken salad or something.

  3. nancy says

    Call him, “Blue Note”. Keep singing.

  4. Annie says

    such a pretty fish! did you name it yet??



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