This Guy Cries When the Baby Cries


Does your dog cry when your baby cries? Mine does…

In the last two months Logan started to cry when Liliana cries!! It’s funny to talk about, but when your baby is screaming and then your french bulldog starts to howl like he’s been hit by a car—it feels like you’re in a circus. And yes, this happens every day at least once. Sometimes before each nap, depending on Liliana’s mood.

Can you just see me? Getting baby ready for her nap….she’s exhausted so she starts to cry…I’m rushing to get her down and then Logan chimes in!!! Baby cries and doggie howls…not a great combination.

I think back to when our sweet girl came into our lives. The dogs looked at us with complete confusion. Logan has always been less freaked out by out by our tiny addition. He would lay by the bassinet and stick his nose inside to check on Liliana. Even today he loves hanging out with us while we feed her, change her and play with her. His favorite is tummy time because he can get up close and personal.

As Liliana has gotten older, she cries much less, but it’s way louder than ever before. I can’t explain Logan’s less than charming behavior, but I’m looking forward to the day he gets a clue and realizes there really is no need!cry-2

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  1. Nancy says

    Omg! He’s like one of those dogs that would develop super strength and save someone’s life. If he had to. You must go crazy!! Lucky for him you love him so much. Good watchdog, though.



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