This morning…


Hope you had a nice weekend!

This morning was an early start for us (me really). Brian usually takes the morning shift while I catch one more hour of sleep, but today he had to get into work first thing. The girls ended up hanging out in the nursery and having a little dance party. We grooved and sang to a healthy mix of Gwen Stefanie and Miranda Lambert. Liliana made my heart skip about a thousand beats as she flashed me her little smile over and over. I tell you she is turning into a little charmer. And my Sophie-bear is getting more comfortable with our new addition. Up until a few days ago she kept a respectful distance and has been slowly inching closer. She started by smelling Liliana’s toes and fingers, to her head, and this morning she decided to lay on the blanket right next to her. And Sophie didn’t even flinch at the random whacks from the little jerky movements Liliana has. Sophie is getting the hang of being the nanny-pup around here and it’s pretty special to watch go down.

This Monday morning started with a lot of cuteness all at one time over here, and I think I must be getting wrinkles from all the smiling I was doing.

I have a feeling this must be a sign to how the week is going to play out. Cheers to a great week ahead!

xo Jen


  1. nancy says

    Looks like Lilia’s really rockin’ out over there. What absolute fun. Love that smile.

  2. Michelle says

    I love this! Best GIF ever!!! Makes my week! Love Liliana!

  3. Ashley says

    Eek! Not sure why I’m just NOW seeing this sweet GIF. I realized I should probably follow you on Facebook or something to stay on top of your posts.



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