Thursday Thoughts


Thankful For:

The love from my two sweet puppies, Logan and Sophie. They really are the cutest, and the best walking and cuddling buddies there are. And they have turned into pretty amazing coworkers and pregnancy soothers. No matter where I am in the house I look down to see their furry faces looking up at me.  I can’t believe they will soon have a little human sister to look after as well. I’m sure they will both take the job very seriously!


Cereal is on my mind morning, noon and night. I’m not sure if I would say I’m craving one type of cereal…I just find the crunchy cereal with almond milk is a completely satisfying snack or meal.


I have fallen victim to the show Castle.  Almost every afternoon TNT plays reruns of the show for hours.  I love that it has the mystery of solving a crime each episode, but it isn’t too serious. I’m constantly laughing at what comes out of the character’s mouths.  They are just a little dorky, which I love. I can appreciate them not taking themselves too seriously.


My belly has grown significantly it seems in the last few weeks, so I am more aware of its presence. I actually feel some heaviness, so it is getting harder and harder to forget that I have a baby in my belly. Plus, I am getting the joy of feeling her kick in the mornings and afternoons. And lately she likes to kick through my meals, which is kind of cute and a little strange at the same time. I’m also experiencing some tightness and a little pain on the sides of my belly every so often. I hear that is all normal when it comes to your body expanding beyond its normal limits.

Thinking about:

This is going to sound really bad, but I daydream about fitting into my skinny jeans again, or my cute tops and some high heels.  Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy has a lot of pretty amazing aspects, but now that I’m bigger; I kind of feel like I will be like this forever. I also kind of freak out at the thought that I still more expanding ahead of me!

Listening to:

I’ve been rocking out to “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea almost daily. It always put me in a good mood. And if you can picture a pregnant lady dancing in the kitchen while she makes herself a snack…that would be me, in all my awkward glory. And then to just take that song to a completely new and unbelievable level…I watched the video “Not Fancy” by The Girls with Glasses. And I pretty much fell out of my chair with how awesome I thought it was.


I’m really enjoying the new site I stumbled upon They have some cute articles and helpful tips for mom’s to be.


Brian and I decided to do something a little untraditional when it came to a baby shower (I will talk more about this in another post), but I wanted to find and easy way to register online, without having to have multiple registries to keep track of. I ended up finding Baby List and I am in love with it. It is super user friendly; you can combine items from all over the web and store them in one easy list. The user interface is so simple and easily customizable. I just really, really like. I feel like it solved all my registering worries.


  1. Francesca says

    If you haven’t seen it… =)

  2. Hi Jen,

    I’m the founder of BabyList. I’m so happy you found us!! Congratulations!


  3. Lainey says

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  4. This is hilarious. I love your Pinterest boundaries. Need those. Also, love having a peek at your lawyer life. Related to that as well. As always, your voice is clear and hilarious– the best kind of voice.

  5. I say put the kid that came out in number 2…he has a good age now to play john connor..also its feels that salvation skipped a lot…number three was good..but something was missing

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