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Thankful For:

My body. Growing a human life is pretty magical and totally mind-boggling. I have always been amazed with the process of pregnancy and thought it would make more sense to me when I actually got pregnant someday. But the truth is, it is just as mysterious as it was before. Some days I still can’t quite wrap my ahead around the fact that my baby girl is in there growing and thriving and soon enough I will get to meet her. My body is doing such a good job so far and I am really grateful to have this opportunity.


My grandparents were in town last weekend and we took them to a few places we have been meaning to try. Having company is always a good excuse to get out and eat. We also took them to one of those fancy theaters where you can order meals while you watch a film and we saw the new movie Tammy. I didn’t think any of us would end up liking it, but we all laughed out loud a few times and walked away thinking it was a pretty good comedy.


One of my favorite things to do is to pick a TV series and binge watch all the episodes until there are none left. The latest show was the Netflix series House of Cards, and I must say it was a really, really good show. I’m not usually into this type of series, but the story line, characters and feel that you’re in on the inside scoop of what goes on behind closed doors in the white house was pretty thrilling.


HOT! Oh my gosh you guys, Seattle houses don’t have air conditioning. Doesn’t matter what year they were built, old or new, just don’t have it. WHY??!! In my opinion, if an area gets over 70-75 degrees anytime of year, cooling off should be available to you in your own home. Well it has been 90 degrees here last week, and this pregnant lady was dying. I went to the gym to cool off, how ironic is that?!

Thinking About:

So many things happen to your body when you get pregnant. And one of my most recent discoveries…my feet have grown half a size up.  It felt like it happened over night. I woke up one day and slipped on my flats and they felt jammed in my shoes. I was like, What the heck?? Sure enough I needed to get myself a new pair of kicks. No more cute 7.5 half, I am officially an 8 now. I wonder if they will go back, is that even possible?  Am I going to have to throw out all my precious shoes and start over??


I sent out all my materials for the long-distance baby party and I have been getting some of the “Wishes for Baby” back and I am really enjoying reading what people wrote for our little girl.  They are all sweet, funny and loving. It will be so fun to share them with her some day.


While it’s been hot, my feet swelled slightly.  So I put on the lovely Mama Mio Lucky Legs lotion. It felt so nice. It cooled my feet and legs and it was just perfect and allowed for some relief from my fire-hot skin.

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