Thursday Thoughts


{Logan sunbathing next to my new flowers (i’m determined to keep these alive)}

Thankful for:

My 31st birthday was last Friday and I had the most amazing b-day week! Brian surprised me with tickets to go see my favorite singer, Sara Bareilles, I received some pretty sweet cards and gifts from family and we went out to dinner at a new place called Poppy that I still can’t stop thinking about.  Since I was fully prepared to spend Friday working from home with the dogs, part of me felt a little sad. Brian and I got up like we do every other morning and he left for work, but not a half hour later was he back with breakfast and flowers! He said, “I’m working from home today!” It was such a sweet surprise I probably could have hugged him until he popped into a million little pieces. I definitely felt loved and celebrated last week, and for that I am thankful!


I’m not a huge cake person. And if someone asked me, do you want a slice of pie or cake? I would for sure answer pie, hands down. But my all time favorite dessert is a fruit tart. You know, the crunchy crust, custard filling with juicy, bright fruit on top? Yes, that is my happy place. I found this French bakery that makes probably the most delicious fruit tart I have ever had, so you can bet I had myself some for my birthday. And I’ve been thinking, should I try and make my very own homemade fruit tart before summer ends? Hhmmmmm. Decisions, decisions!


Since there isn’t much as far as TV goes during the summer and we finished The Killing on Netflix, it was time to find another TV show to spend hours watching (naturally). We succeeded and started watching The Fall. It’s another crime solving, suspense filled show, and it’s based in Ireland.  It stars the guy who will be the main actor in Fifty Shades of Grey. And the other main character is…this one will be a throw back, she was in a show where the title started with an X and her characters name was Scully. Can you guess who she is? I never got into X Files, but I know she is pretty darn good in this show.  I’m looking forward to more episodes!


Accomplished these days. Brian and I have gone through the garage and our spare room closest (soon to be baby girls room). The closet is now completely empty and ready to house all of the baby stuff. We also purged everything that we haven’t used in years and don’t foresee ourselves using in the future. It feels oh, so good to be rid of junk and clutter. I just love it!

Thinking About:

My cousin is coming this weekend and staying with us for just about a week. She is like a sister to me, and it will be so nice to have some much needed girl-bonding time. Since we both grew up as only children, we gravitated towards each other all through childhood and now into adulthood. I definitely see her as a sister and I’m grateful to have her in my life to fill that sisterly void.

Listening To:

One of the opening acts at the Sara Bareilles concert was a band named Lucius. And I have been listening to this dynamic duo a lot lately. They are two pretty fierce ladies that know how to make some catchy music if I must say so myself.


I’m not going to lie…I haven’t been reading too much lately. But, I have been thinking about reading the original book that made me realize I liked to read; it’s actually being made into a film, you may have heard about it. But my first book crush was when I was in middle school and I read, The Giver by Lois Lowry.  I have read many good books since, but I have to thank Mrs. Lowry for introducing me to the joy of reading.


I currently have OPI nail color, Get Cherried Away on my toes and I’m loving it! The color in the photo is a little lighter than it actually is. It is much more rich and vibrant in person.

Lots of talk about me, how are you? What are you thinking about these days? Thanks for stopping by!!! xo Jen

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  1. Nancy says

    Love the pink flowers. Are you carrying the pink theme for baby girl? Really enjoyed this post!!



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