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{I love dressing her in head accessories lately}


Though Christmas was a tad bit different with a newborn in the house. It was really special to have such an intimate Christmas just the three of us. It almost didn’t feel like the holiday with all the baby things going on, but I have a feeling it being just us will be even more special with each passing year. Plus Liliana is already starting to show a little bit of her personality, which is just so fun to see happen. She is so smiley in the morning when she wakes up I just end up planting myself in front of her doing anything I can to make her smiles last longer.


Eating has been interesting around here. Whatever it is, it needs to take less than 30 minutes to make and we have around 15 minutes or less to eat it. So it’s crunch time around here during meals. For breakfast I usually have eggs or a smoothie, lunch ends up being snack-type food like crackers and cheese or an apple and peanut butter. Brian usually makes dinner while I do a feeding and that is either some sort of salmon dish or chicken. Nothing fancy, just simple basic stuff. At first it was a little depressing, since Brian and I love to cook so much. But we are starting to get used to this new normal.


Over the break we somehow snuck in a movie between baby cries. We watched Gone Girl, and I must say the main female character was straight out of crazy-town. But wow, this movie kept me on my toes! It was like a long episode of People’s Couch over here. **Spoiler Alert** Ben Affleck showed his unmentionables towards the end of the movie and in my opinion seemed completely unnecessary and out of place. Your thoughts?


My theme song since Liliana arrived has been, “Let It Goo!” off the Frozen sound track. And I find myself sining it often while she cries. Liliana probably thinks I’m nuts already. Hah! But I’m starting to feel better about the cries, and sometimes I even find myself laughing a little because her little face kind of looks like a turtle with the shape her little lips make when she cries. And she has started to do different sounding cries. And some are just hilarious to listen to. Brian and I will look at each other and just giggle. 


I was looking at my Instagram account and I have officially become one of those women—posting waaaaay too many baby photos on her social media account. Sorry everyone who follows me, but I haven’t been doing much other than looking at a baby since she joined us. I’m thinking it’s time to bring a little balance back into my life. Even if it’s only for 5 or 10 minutes, making sure to take a moment to browse my favorite Anthropologie site, or read a blog or book and just sit quietly alone—I think will be good for my soul. 


While I wish I could say I have been reading, I haven’t. I hope to get a book or two to sink into while I’m holding this little babe. Any recommendations?? 


Dry shampoo! I feel like this little beauty product is my best friend. I am just about to run out of my current brand, and I’m itching to try a new one. I think this one is next on my purchase list, have you ever tried it?

Lots of talk about me, how are you? What are you thinking about these days? Thanks for stopping by!!! xo Jen

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  1. Michelle says

    I really love the Grave series by Darynda Jones. Funny and easy reading.
    I haven’t tried that brand of dry shampoo but I’ve put it on the list. Best invention ever!!!!!!
    I think it impossible to post too many pictures of your children. You just love them so much and want to share them with everyone. I love your photos and I love Liliana’s happy demeanor!
    AND thanks for the heads up on the movie…not what I want to see.



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