Thursday Thoughts on Friday


{almost all the flowers I planted died from the heat a few weeks ago, so here are some plant inspirations to try and recreate}

Thankful For:

On July  29th, Brian and I will be celebrating one year living here in Seattle. I can’t believe a year has already flown by.  We have lived in three cities together so far and we have had good and bad experiences in all of them. But I’m truly thankful for what Seattle has brought us so far. We both get to do what we love everyday, we got married and we will be bringing our first little babe into the world here.


Watermelon, cherries, pasta, salt and vinegar chips, are on repeat daily.  Yeah, so not my most refined pallet lately. And I wouldn’t say I’m craving these things strongly, they just sound good to me most of the time.  To try and balance things out a little, I’m mixing in salads for lunch, which include veggies. And I try and pick up a green juice once or twice a week. I kind of despise salads or veggies of any kind these days, so if I didn’t have another body to take care of, I would be a junk food junkie on the daily.


Yup, I found another show to binge on. It’s called The Killing and it is based in Seattle. I would say the show is highly addicting, and very entertaining, but they really make Seattle seem gloom and doom. It doesn’t rain nearly as much as it does in the show, and when it does rain, it rarely rains that hard.  There are definitely a fair share of grungy people around, but I wouldn’t say it is absolutely every person in the city, like they represent in the show. If you want to catch up on this TV series, we found all the episodes on Netflix.


Really good. It actually cooled off significantly around here over the last week. So I have been sleeping better and I’m no longer puffy. WOOHOO! I have also been feeling this little girl a lot more lately. And I must say she is picking up some pretty amazing dance moves. I feel her in multiple places at once and sometimes she gives me 5 jabs in a row really fast.

Thinking about:

Painting the wall in my living room where the fireplace is with all the taxidermy heads on it. I was thinking maybe a dark color or something really bright. You can find a photo of the wall I am talking about here. I think it would make a nice statement in the room. What do you think?

Listening to:

The “I’m A Child Of The 80’s” station on Spotify; it is located under the genre “Decades.” It’s pretty fabulous and houses almost all my favorite songs from when I was a kid. If you are also a child of the 80’s or just really love 80’s music, check it out my friend.


The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp.  He talks about the keys to soothing your baby when it cries and the existence of a 4th trimester (outside of the whom). It is pretty fascinating stuff so far.  If you are a soon to be parent to a newborn I would for sure recommend reading it. I am only a few chapters in and I have already learned quite a bit. Fingers crossed we can master his techniques when the time comes.


I’ve been searching high and low for a natural deodorant and I finally found one that I actually like.  It’s called Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant. It’s free of harsh chemicals and aluminum, and it’s effective.  It fights odor more than any other natural deodorant I’ve tried and it makes your armpits soft (bonus).


Lots of talk about me, how are you? What are you thinking about these days? Thanks for stopping by!!! xo Jen




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