Time For a Get Together

I am looking forward to having people over for laughs, drinks and of course some good food.  Before we do that we need a little more seating because Brian and I inevitable end up sitting cross legged on the floor. Now don’t get me wrong, we would do that for any of our friends, but now that I am moved in, it would be nice to have people over and have the space be a little bit more comfortable. I started to do a little research and thanks to Beso.com  it wasn’t difficult at all. I found some fun pieces with some pillows to match (in no particular order) for inspiration. I will let you know what we end up finding and settling on.

While searching I found some home décor web sites that I didn’t even know about before, bonus!


  1. WOW you found some really cool stuff!

  2. Sahi says

    great selection!
    Keep in touch

  3. nancy says

    these are great! where will you put it?



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