Too Many Tabs Open, Time To Take A Break!

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Tomorrow morning, I’m heading south to San Diego, where I will be taking time to have a relaxing girls weekend with my cousin. We will be staying at La Costa Resort and Spa and like I mentioned before, I found an amazing deal on Living Social for this trip.

We will be getting massages as soon as we get there, followed by a relaxing lunch at the spa. And the rest of the weekend is wide open. We mostly plan on lounging by the pool (fingers crossed it is warm enough to get a tan) reading, having a few drinks, listening to the live music at one of the on-site restaurants and just having some good-old relaxing time.

Today I feel tired, like I need to rest my brain and my body. I’m still exercising and I feel myself getting stronger during my exercise sessions, but after, I sleep like a baby, and I’m still tired in the morning. Turns out, I think I’m in worst shape than I originally thought.

My brain has also been in over drive, where I’ve felt like I’m constantly trying to keep track of something…if that makes sense.

I recently retweeted this quote, and I think it perfectly explains how I’ve been feeling:

“Men, if you ever want to imagine what goes on in a woman’s mind, imagine a browser with 2,981 tabs opened. All. The. F***ing. Time.”

So needless to say, I’m looking forward to letting myself regroup.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and remember to take time to do something that makes you happy!

xx Jen


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    Enjoy your trip!

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