Treat of the Week: Dry Soda

Dry Soda// Lemon Drop Love

When Brian and I moved we discovered these delicious Dry Soda’s in some pretty dynamic flavors. And the best part is they aren’t overly sweet at all. I guess the closest comparison would be an Izzy, but those are too sweet for me, so these are a definite upgrade!

Here are our top three: Vanilla Bean, which resembles cream soda. Maybe one day I will add a scoop of ice cream and make a float! Juniper Berry, has all the best flavors of Gin, but in a bubbly drink. Lavender, so subtle and light with a hint of flowery undertones.

We buy them at a local store here in Washington called Metropolitan Market, but you should be able to pick them up at Whole Foods.  If you try them this weekend, let me know what your favorite flavors are!

Dry Soda // Lemon Drop Love

Dry Soda // Lemon Drop Love


  1. Nancy says

    Have only tried the lavender. Only one available around here. You are right. It is awesome.

  2. Darci says

    Sounds like perfect drink~ can’t wait to try vanilla bean!



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