Treat of The Week, Petite Cocoa Batons


Trader Joe’s has these amazing, tiny little bites of delicious and I think you should try some!

Really, go try some…

These cute Petite Cocoa Batons are crispy on the outside with this silky, smooth cocoa cream in the center. They are easy to eat pretty quickly, but just a few are totally satisfying. And I know this time of year is all about cookies and candies—which is great—but seriously, if you want a special treat that doesn’t make you feel guilty when your done eating it, you should snack on few of Cocoa Batons.

I have had a pinch of these after lunch every day for the last week, so I thought I just had to share with you guys. Have you had them before? If so, don’t you love them?


 **This is not a sponsored post. I purchased these myself and all thoughts are my own**


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