There has been a ton of radio silence on the blog lately and to be honest is has been completely intentional. As you can see, we’ve moved from Sunny California to Sleepless in Seattle! And it all happened pretty fast. So in order to be present and wrap my head around our big, positive life change, I put the blog on hold.

We officially arrived Saturday and we’re currently staying in temporary housing until we find a place to call our own.

One (from my short list) of the scary things about moving was that I don’t know a single soul in Seattle. So if you are a reader, or nice person and would like to meet up for coffee, please don’t be shy and send me an email, maybe we can meet up soon?

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  1. I’m a tad jealous! Always wanted to see Seattle :). I feel like there’s been a lot of moving going around the blogosphere lately! As you know, I just moved back to my hometown but it’s been so long since I’ve spent much time here that it feels all new as well. I don’t know anyone here anymore outside of my sister and trevor’s family! here’s to new (and old?) adventures :).

    also, do tell what took you guys to Seattle when you have time!

  2. Congrats on the move! Cant wait to read all about it – I think it’s a pretty blog worthy city! :)

  3. Michelle says

    Such an exciting time!!!

    1. Hank says

      Such an imsvrpsiee answer! You’ve beaten us all with that!

    2. Israel é uma pedra pesada, uma pedra para esmiuçar as nações, provar os corações, um cálice de embebedar povos. Uma pedra no caminho de muitos, para fazê-los cair em suas próprias maquinações. A Turquia segue negando o genocídio armênio, o Irã matando seus opositores e o cinismo correndo solto. Qual a intenção do coração que não será revelada. Como é pesado o rancor e a violência. A vaidade mata. O orgulho derruba e a morte está sempre tão perto.[]

    3. Pierrick,Je ne te connaissais pas très bien, mais sache que toutes mes pensées sont tounées vers toi et ta famille dans ce moment douloureux.Olivier

    4. This is very much in line with Rob Bell in Love Wins – he draws this point from Moses drawing water from the rock and, in the NT, the rock is Christ. Despite the impact of such thinking about the resurrection elsewhere in the book (particularly influenced by NT Wright), Bell does not draw the link quite so clearly between resurrection and the everywhere-Lord-of-all-creation-Jesus. This is a link I have long reflected on and I'm glad to see you put words to this.

  4. We moved to Denver six years ago (fast – in 3 weeks) and didn’t know a single person. I hear you on the trials and tribulations of navigating a new city. The newness of it all is almost paralyzingly at times. In the beginning, just finding my way to Starbucks was a freakin’ victory! We stayed at a hotel for nearly a month (over Thanksgiving) and it suuuuuucked. But as soon as we find our first place, it was nearly immediate that I started to embrace our new normal. As soon as we felt like we had a “home base” things improved immensely, and I started to get excited about all the “newness” (instead of debilitatingly anxious). As I know you already are, take a deep breath and embrace the adventure! Only a click away if you need to vent :) xoxo

  5. Congrats on your move! I’ve visited Seattle a few times and I think the city is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing what you love about your new home. :)



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