Vacationing Close to Home


Since I’ve moved to California I’ve loved planning mini vacations. The wonderful thing about this state is that there is just so much to see within a short car drive. From LA you can go to the mountains, the beach and the desert—and you can reach all within three hours of the city. So, I’ve planned three trips: one to Santa Barbara, another to Lake Arrowhead and an approaching girls weekend in San Diego.

At first, I found myself overwhelmed by all the local possibilities, but just by jumping on Groupon Getaways, Living Social Escapes and a new favorite, VBRO*, I have been able to book the vacations I was looking for without breaking the bank. And to be honest it helped me make up my mind on where to go.

This method isn’t rocket science, but it did help me, so if you find yourself frazzled, check out these sites, they might help you finally book your much-needed mini getaway.

How do you go about researching and booking your vacations spots, even if it is just for a weekend?

*I love VBRO, especially if you are traveling with friends, pets or if you want to stay for an extended amount of time and want to live like a local in your desired destination.


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